Still Wrestling with the Purpose of the Church

Too often I get hung up on thinking that this space has to be pretty, lengthy, and somewhat cohesive.  I’m not sure why because these boundaries are stifling and then I don’t write anything. So I am going to brain dump every day for the the next seven days as an experiment of sorts.  To push past the imaginary fence posts I have erected and I’m not going to paint the barn, ie. not polish my words.  Let’s see where this takes us.  Maybe nowhere.  Maybe I’ll just have seven days of random posts and then I won’t post again for another year. Either way it isn’t going to matter because this doesn’t have to be pretty, lengthy, or cohesive.

We are to be agents of God’s plan to give himself to a hurting world–a world that desperately yearns for a wholeness and rightness that can only come from him.  When we serve as his representatives to alleviate the struggle and pains of those in need we create this dynamic that automatically draws others in.  There are those who benefit from the service that find help and healing through having a need met and there are those who want to join in helping others.  In both of these instances relationships are initiated and fostered.  As we live authentic lives alongside others we are given opportunities to share our beliefs and hopes.  Those that agree with our belief system will desire to know more and want to fulfill the calling God has put on their lives.  This recognition of purpose then creates a space to corporately wrestle through the ambitious and challenging writings of scriptures and to apply them to our lives, as difficult as that can be. When those that don’t share in our belief system continue to engage with us in service and relationship a symbiotic connection occurs. They enrich our lives because of who they are while holistically challenging our walk with God, in turn, hopefully they benefit from the kindness of God, a healthy equally challenging friendship, all while achieving His purpose through acts of service. It’s a win-win. Seismic waves that ripple from our lives, resonate with others and waves of God’s love concentrically reach those surrounding them and so on it goes.  When the church’s purpose is service, disciples of Christ  are made, lives are transformed and his kingdom is brought closer to the here and now.

“Historically, religion has more often been a belonging system or a belief system, than an actual system of transformation.  When belonging and believing is your primary concern, you do not really need healing or growth, or even basic spiritual curiosity.  All your homework is done for you and handed to you.  If you let the group substitute for your own inner life or your own prayer journey, all you need to do is attend.” – Richard Rohr


My hands may be full and my life may be crazy, but I always have time for my bloggy friends! Leave me a comment:

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